The Theory of Evolution: made easy. (stories for when we get successful)

The modern day human being can agree that today, we are global citizens.
We can also agree that, one of the hottest products right now is… TikTok.
We can also agree that, we live in a more tolerable world than we were, a few decades ago.

If you on Google search, you’ll find that a revolution is defined as forcible overthrow of a government or social order in favor of a new system.
Let’s keep that in mind
And an evolution is defined as a gradual development of something.

Now let’s go

There are no global citizens without the early family. However, if you could compare the means of living of the people in the early history of mankind directly to the means of living of the modern day man, you can quickly come to a conclusion that, it’s been a revolution. Because, based on our definition, the systems used have been completely changed. But we all know that conclusion is not true, there were gradual changes along the way.

People started as small families, and they grew to form communities. Communities formed tribes and there were fights for space which led to traveling to find space in some other parts of the world. Territories were marked and we ended up with countries. After so much division, we realized we needed each other, and countries started to work together. Now because we are all trying to work together, we can agree that we are global citizens.

There’s no TikTok without the early post office. If you could compare the functions of TikTok to those of the early post office, there’s probably nothing to compare because they are totally different services. So if I’m saying one comes from the other, it’s clearly been a revolution.
If we say TikTok is a product, we’ll have to talk about the industrial revolution. When communities grew and people started working away from their families, there was a need to find a way to get in touch. People who were away from home were getting lonely, so they wrote letters. A system to transport those letters was needed, hence the post office. The process was slow. Brilliant minds found another way to get in touch by means of a telephone. Telephones are always attached to an establishment, so in order to be found you had to be in that certain establishment at a certain time. So cellular phones came around. You needed to have airtime and it was expensive, so a cost effective alternative came as a short message service (SMS). Now people could feel they were in touch, but they just wanted to see their loved ones… MMS. This was now in the middle of the internet’s world wide revolution, so how can my loved ones be updated about my life?… social media. I want to entertain and inform those I love on video, video calls? Nah, TikTok.  Now that’s a hell of an evolution.

If you’re Black and your group has been oppressed, your heroes died fighting for you to be treated well. They wanted a revolution.  And of you look at how it was before, versus to how it is now; you can say it’s a bit better now. Some of us can never survive living under the circumstances our forefathers lived under, and we know the kids are growing up softer than we did. It’s clearly difficult to say revolution has been fulfilled because we have not reached the destination our heroes had envisioned for us. But the steps taken look to be heading in right direction. Thanks to being global citizens, because we all now want to work together and our platforms to get in touch are shining a light on our issues. So we can say we are more tolerable. Of course there’s still resistance, but that should not deter us. The process is slow, but the evolution is gradually starting to show glimpses of results. So let’s stick on it.

Now, look at you. You have little, or you have nothing, and your dreams are bigger than what you can achieve right now. Let’s try to put it like this; your dreams are your revolution, because once you achieve them, your life will change drastically. If you had listened to the earlier scenarios, you’ll realize that the steps to get there are the gradual ones, not drastic.

Lottery winners are known to lose their riches quickly, that’s because it’s difficult to adjust to a drastic change. The mind will always try to go back to it’s normal and comfortable state. So if you’re poor, you’ll always try to use all the money until you get to what you know. So you need to have your dream as your bigger picture. Break it down to the smallest steps that you can afford; focus on those little steps, try to perfect them as you move. Your way of doing things will change without you noticing it. And when you meet someone from your past, they’ll see a revolution. You’ll just feel you haven’t started yet.

Satisfaction is not in the bigger picture, it’s in the pieces of the puzzle.
It’s in the EVOLUTION.


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