Sober Alcoholics: (I don’t know who I am)

It’s been like this for a while now.
I’ve forgotten the basics of what makes me to be me.
It’s difficult to recognise the being I’ve turned out to be.
I’ve always thought I was forever going to be on top of things.

At first, I just wanted to be modern.
Tradition looked like it was holding me backwards.
I unknowingly adopted cultures which I never knew their origins.
In turn, my identity lacked clarity and I didn’t know what I stand for.

When I started, it really seemed cool to be different.
I could see everything wrong about what made me.
So I was easy to reject who I was so that I don’t associate myself with those short comings.
I may have thought I was better, but I just didn’t know better.

Now, the modern world doesn’t fit me.
Everyone here knows where they come from.
When this is over, they have somewhere to go back to.
The pride they have about their origins is what makes them so good at what they do.

I guess I also need to go back.
I can’t go anywhere if I don’t know where I’m from.
I’m learning that I’m nothing without my roots.
At the end of the day, I’ll need origin stories to tell my kids.

I need to find myself. I need to find my way home.


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