Sober Alcoholics: (Flirting with Danger)

I’ve always been a creative and was aware of it.
Leading me to study how my heroes did it.
Learning how they deal with all the pressure that comes with it.
If I was ever gonna get there, I wanted to represent the craft well.

I’ve always tried to be the good guy.
That’s why I always avoided being involved with your so called “negative crowds”.
I wanted to do everything by the book.
The hope was that, one day it’ll all be worth it.

I’ve always had an idea what a hero looks like.
But my heroes some how disappointed me.
So I studied more, to avoid ending up like them.
I guess I wanted to be the perfect hero, when my time comes.

I learned being a good guy, comes with responsibilities.
You have to always show courage and be strong for those around you.
So I tried to always seem responsible and got it all together.
I guess I never understood how strong I had to be.

I’m guessing I focused more on studying.
Before I knew it, I saw there’s kids looking up to me now.
This cannot be happening because I’m not ready.
I can’t be a hero now, my cape is still at the tailor.

Boom, responsibility everywhere.
I painted a picture of have it all figured out, the expectation is far greater than what I expected.
I look around, what I see is overwhelming.
Now, I have to study how a “good guy” copes under pressure, before we reach the breaking point.

I never thought I’d understand traitors and villains.
But I’m learning not all of us can handle the burden of being responsible.
I’m learning heroes often choose the hardest road, and being the bad guy is easy.
The rewards/consequences are always seen at a later stage.

Heroes will always fall. Their next step determines if they’re a hero or a villain in the subsequent journey.
I hope after my fall, I choose the challenging path again.
I also hope my tolerance threshold will help deal with the knocks I’ll encounter.
That’s because it can really get lonely at the top.

but here we are…


2 responses to “Sober Alcoholics: (Flirting with Danger)”

  1. I definitely relate to the narrated story. The responsibility of being a good guy can be overwhelming. The fear of failing due to expectations put upon me can be devastating. I am also atill learning

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