Dealt a bad hand: (stories for when we get successful)

The house always wins. To me, that means the game is rigged. I question if I’m good or they let me win. This is not a game, it’s a system.

In that case, I’m always gonna be dealt a bad hand. The stakes will always be against me. I’m not of the house, it’s always gonna be tough. So now I know my best won’t ever be enough. I may know how to win, now it’s not the point.

I need to stay in the game, I must know how to survive. If I’m lucky and win more than expected, the house can close shop whenever they want. House rules will always favor the owner.

So I’ll stay longer, maybe my face will be familiar. I’ll learn their moves, my game will be silkier. Once I’m in, I’m not getting out. I’m not playing to win the game, I’m planning on winning the whole house.


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