Sober Alcoholics: (Black Tax)

I’ve never heard of white tax. That’s maybe because I’m not white. Now that I’ve been able to collect a few coins, Black Tax has been a term referred to as  an expensive norm.

I never heard of it before though. Maybe that’s because I’ve been a beneficiary for so long. I’ve always thought it’s my responsibility to care for my people when they not strong. Ever since I’ve heard this word, it seems now that it’s my turn, I must learn being selfish.

Photo by pixels

Look, it took a village to raise me. I wouldn’t achieve anything if they didn’t assist me. Loan sharks were dangerous, so I learned to return any favor that was given to me. Call me what you like, but for me, it’s really difficult to see mine suffer when I know I can lend a hand.

I guess I’ll end up having nothing. Or end up with everything and no one to share it with. At the end of the day, I thought success was about helping each other. I also thought looking out only for yourself was called greed.

I know I won’t be taken advantage of. But I’m here because of my people.


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