Demotivated: (stories for when we get successful)

At the beginning, I was all pumped. The world was at the palm of my hand. I saw all the results already. Even people were clapping, so I started moving.

The first stages had the biggest responses. From it, I got a hit of dopamine. I wanted to get it again and again. However, there’s nothing compared to the first high.

People got back to their normal lives. My ish got to be a disruption of their daily routines. The responses got a lil lower. No more dopamine, just me trying to see this through.

When I bombed, people looked the other way. No constructive criticism, or just criticism in any manner. No word of mouth, I had to figure it out myself. It was either I stop or I continue without any approval.

I really wanted to quit. I allowed to be ifluenced by the consumer and not the vision. I relied on people I assumed they “got” it. I had to sit down and ask myself the reason I started in the first place. This can influence my decision

I realized, those I wanted to help won’t get to what I do at the time I want them to. I just had to make sure that when they start to look, they find me. So I have to work even when I feel alone. Even if this doesn’t work out now, it can still work even when I’m gone.

It was ups and downs, but I’m glad I stayed through the process. When there were some successes along the way, people reminded me of how I forgot about them. I never reminded them how they left me hanging. I understand we all want to be part of the success story. Even if we don’t want to be part of the failures of it’s beginning.

I had always imagined of the day that we’re all proud to say: WE ARE THE GELTONNATION.


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