The “I” in team (stories for when we get successful)

No man is an island, so they said.
An Island can make man, I tried to reply.
We choose to become part of a team, because it represents something we believe in.
But every team needs a leader, and the leader must keep us believing in the team.

As team players, we follow what the leader says.
Which is why a leader needs to see beyond what we see.
We don’t always understand what the leader puts forward at first.
But down the line, we applaud them for the initiative and bravery, and because of that, we keep playing our role in the team.

Leaders have a vision of where we are going.
And sometimes, it is sad, that they depart without reaching the destination.
But we keep the spirit alive by trying to realize their goals and continuing with the cause.
It is because they took time to preach to us something with so much value that we see a much better life when we put it to practice.

Without us feeling neglected, sometimes they take some time away and be alone.
Away from everyone, while they try to vision if what we have been doing still talks to where we are going and what else can be done to advance the cause.
They leave to be alone but they always think about how not to make us feel alone.
Because we are in teams to feel a sense of belonging, leaders help us find a reason to keep going.

Sometimes, older members of the team feel more entitled than others, a leader finds a way to remind everyone about what it means to be in a team. And when when we all understand what it means, we are happy to accept new members and teach them the culture of what we believe and move towards a common goal. It is through the times of reflection which the leader takes alone that we, as a team can function well through the lifespan of the team. An ever present leader might get distracted by the excitement within and think the team is all about the excitement. But pulling away, every now and then gives the leader a perspective of where we’ll be as a team in the next 50 to 100 years.

A leader takes time alone but also knows that he can never execute any task alone. Hence it is in their nature to inspire everyone around them to believe in the vision they see and bring others on board.

We hope we can get those types of leaders in every team we become part of. Not just leaders who want something for themselves and forget about the little guy. When we have them, we wish they can teach us how they do it, so we can live something to learn for the generations to follow.


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