Experts and the Experienced (stories for when we get successful)

Life’s evolution always depends on breakthroughs.
It is when the impossible is made possible that we believe again.
The greats are those known to have defied the odds.
The difference is that, they chose to not to accept the defaults.

But when you read about the greats, there’s one thing they have in common.
Industry experts never believed in their idea and therefore rejected it.
That was because the idea didn’t follow the known rules at the time.
Or the person pitching the idea, didn’t fit the criteria of the people expected to do so.

Who can blame them?
People who have been in the industry for some time have experience.
They have been lucky to be exposed to successful projects in their tenure.
Because of the experience, they witnessed trends of what the successful projects had in common.

Sometimes, because of such an experience, they forget that people are always looking for something better and new.
People are staying with the project because there’s no other alternative.
At the end of the day, we’d know if something was a success if we had something to compare it to.
But you encounter rejection from the experts and they are surprised when taken out of business by a competitor they didn’t see coming.

It takes just one door opening.
And when the momentum has an impact enough, everyone wants to be part of it.
The same experts and the experienced call it a game changer and new studies are conducted around this anomaly from a trend.
And then, a whole new trend a just begun.

This is just to say, nobody knows what you know more than you know.
So what they say shouldn’t always be the reason you stop moving forward.
Go for it.


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