Sober Alcoholics: (Only teary when in the Rain)

I wish it could rain, so it can cover my tears.
I wish it could rain, so it can rinse my face.
This heat exposes my freckles and my cracked skin.
I need something to cool me down a little.

I just need a let off channel, no questions.
Teardrops from raindrops, can’t be separated.
Perfect disguise for unloading the weight without notice.
Red eyes are either because something came out, or got in the eye.

When the shoulders are down, it is because the rain is cold.
I cannot keep my head up high when I’m trying to keep warm.
Forgive if I don’t see you, I’m rushing to seek shelter.
And when I get home, everyone must understand when I go straight to bed.

I am known as strong, so they can’t see me cry.
When everyone depends on me, I always have to smile.
I ooze confidence, so my head can never be down.
But the presence of the rain, helps me when I feel like a clown.

The downside is that, there’s isn’t always rain.
But we always need relief when feeling under pressure.
Are there people whom we can feel as comfortable with as when in the rain?
The kind we would wipe ourselves dry and become wet all over again in front of them?

We seek a generation and a community of such people.
We are trying to reach out.


Image is taken from wallpaper

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