Sober Alcoholics: (safe haven)

We long for attention and recognition for every effort we put in,

We end up loosing ourselves.

While trying to please those who mean a great deal to us,

We drive ourselves to people we do not recognize.

Being liked and popular is not just a high school thingy,

It grows with us as we go.

Once we find something which gets others clapping,

We try to keep doing it just for our ego.

Photo by Greg on Unsplash

The audience frowns at the sight of a change,

So we attempt not even try.

Whereas we know deep down we are tired,

And we can’t keep up with the responsibilities of being liked and fame.

So we attempt on moves to withdraw.

Trying to find satisfaction from within,

Because we’ve realized not everything from the outside is fulfilling.

And when we are happy with ourselves, then everyone else is actually fine.

Sometimes we find our safe haven within ourselves first instead of getting it from outside.

Because a person likes being alone doesn’t necessarily mean they are lonely.

There are people who are always around other people, but are always feeling lonely.

Sometimes we need to find ourselves in order to function well.


photo by Benjamin Davies on unsplash

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