Take Courage

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The very sentiments that can overwhelm a heart with joy and gratitude in moments of love are the same ones which can cause great heartache and regret during moments of fear and failure, especially if you let them go unnoticed.

Check yourself – Be careful not to resent a moment of bravery when the outcome that meets the risk you took seems to fall short in comparison to the magnitude of what was put at stake. And yes, sometimes you discover later on that it was only your ego that was at stake, dressed in oversized garments such as “I can’t”; “It’s impossible”; and the other wide range of one-size-fits-all “what if’s” that we manage to stuff into our storage spaces – while leaving no room for active faith.

These leaps we tend to be most afraid of taking are the very treasures to hold onto at times – the ones you get lost in and emerge enriched from more than you are consumed. The fear of failure pales in comparison to the reward that can be reaped once we invest more of ourselves into productive energy instead.

These leaps are the tiny sparks to look out for.

And these bite sizes can help you unpack.
Given the right energy, they can give birth to a powerhouse


* * *

Do not let early disappointments lead you to indifference towards what gives you life and light. 


Remember, before you take the first step;
Before you take an L;
Before you take a blow;
Before you fall on your face – and trust me, you will:
Take courage, dear friend.



Take courage

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