Sober Alcoholics: (love in a straight line)

As long as the heart is beating, there’s going to be a lot of disruption.
They are going to try keeping you in line, not allowing you to any transgression.
They set their so called standards to follow, and forget that we have differing ambitions.
That’s why we’re hated and ridiculed every time we step out of the “line”.

What worked for them, doesn’t necessarily work for us.
But instead they still expect us to behave and act the same.
Just because what they do is legally right, does it mean a different approach is ethically incorrect?
These straight lines they set for us are too imbalanced to capacitate for everything we have to offer.

There has been so much change, yet there’s so much resistance for change.
Things are not the same, but things very much remain the same.
History has so many lesson and we seem not to want to learn from history itself.
That is why we live in a reactive society whereas we call ourselves agents of change.

One day we hope they realize they can’t always confine us.
If they are students of history like they say they are, they’ll see no great who stayed within the line.
Each and every one of them was crazy until a time when what the great stood for caught up with everyone.
All we need is just someone who can pay attention to the so called less commercial beings. Maybe that is where your next breakthrough will come from.

If you go to hospital, there’s always clear evidence of life in those machines.
When the heart is still beating, they’ll never show a straight line.
Maybe that is the essence of life, we truly live when there’s not much of linear control.
It is okay to comply, but we just hope you won’t only love us when there’s that straight line.

We do not want to die.


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