Sober Alcoholics (The Mid-Class Youth)

There is no rehab center for us.

They look at us and conclude, it’s all good for us.

Even the government protects the rich and tries to give to the poor, it just takes from us.

We are deemed ungrateful when we complain, because not everyone went to school like us.

So we leave the family, trying to make parents proud and provide for the younger ones after us.

We don’t have much time for fun because we have bosses, so we’re mostly sober unlike the uncles before us.

That doesn’t make us any better than them, it is just because of the 9-5 that’s in front of us.

That’s why you’ll find us, every time we’re “free”, trying to find a fix.


We look good in these suits and dresses we wear to school and work, such that no one can presume where we come from.

We stay indoors away from friends, and then our complexion takes a different form.

And we smile when we see others because we missed them, and all they see is the glow.

No one understands our struggle because society and the environment does not allow it to show.

Everyone takes, no one gives,

Maybe they do not have anything to give, but still, no one listens.

So we stay with the fix until it consumes us.

And everyone gets surprised when the doctor gives the diagnosis at the end of our lives.


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