Held by the Bigger Picture: (stories for when we get successful)


Reaching for the stars was a far-fetched phenomenon.

Until I had to reach a dream which was very far to fetch.

I never understood the reality of every man for himself,

Until I was needing a friend in the cold, only to find out I was only by myself.

I could’ve just went home, because I was lucky enough to have one at the time.

But the bigger picture kept showing, so I just had to keep digging even though it was a very dark mine.

The friends who tried to care, unfortunately, did not have enough capacity to help.

So they watched and were surprised by the way I was chilled like there was nothing that was going wrong.


I kept saying the goal is near, so in the meantime, let me work on my scoring boots.

For I don’t want an off-target shot when I get a chance to be faced with an open net.

At face value, I looked great, yet no one understood the amount of sweat and tears behind all the training for a match that’s not even really guaranteed.

But one had to be fit, just for when its time to shine, I would show the biggest light.

The only reason I chose not to give up and go home, was to be able to reach out at the end.

To that little boy/girl whom they’ve never seen a graduate coming out of their home.

Those who, at this day, still believe that success is only meant for their friends who already have cars and everything at home.

I wanted to be able to fuel hope in their hearts and minds so that in the midst of the situations, they’ll be filled with bits of positive vibes.

So if I gave up, who else would do such a thing?

If I didn’t have such a person as a kid, why would I think someone else would do it if myself I gave up?

I had a view that a quitter influences and creates other quitters.

So my goal was just to inspire winners, even when the road seemed to be getting thinner.




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