Bekezela (Hold On)

See all these walls, they tumbling down

And everyone around you looks at you down

Thinking that you dumb, you don’t know what you want

I’m here to tell you keep your head held up high.



You not going crazy, they just don’t know you

They don’t see the fire that’s burning in you

Chasing your dreams must be the ultimate goal

They can’t tell you nothing because they not God….

….oooh I know, that everything’s wrong

And it seems like everyone have their eyes closed

You keep on asking yourself if you’re alone

Because nobody’s bothered by what’s going on



Life is not fair but wena uzobastrongo

I know what you have is so not of this world

You’re out of this world but live in the world

You can’t fuse the two because they don’t know your world.

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