Picture Perfect: (stories for when we get successful)

Dots are best connected looking backwards.
However, knowing where you want to go helps in adjusting your behavior and aligning the best dots moving forward.
Picture yourself saying, “I always knew I was going to end up here”.
And as from today, you’ll act towards being able to really say those words.

Nobody gave me a chance, I made them to.
Who can blame them, they didn’t see what I saw.
At times it seemed like I was crazy, but I left a lot crazier everytime I tried to let go.
For my fulfillment sat at making this mental picture to come to life.
So it became my life to make everyone to have the privilege of seeing the art of my head.

For putting out my head, I hoped that others will too.
Because if I could picture a future, others could too.
Now, apart from the picture I had, it was hoping others have theirs which made my pictures grow from one to two.
And ever since then, I’ve had the privilege to meet and collaborate with great movements which made me come aliv3 too.

It’s a great journey, it makes you feel like you have something to live for.
This is a testimony but it has already been written before.
Now as you read it or hear, it’s delivered for the second time.
I’ve lived in this timeline even before I could arrive.

Please join me, it’s gon be great.


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