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  • Family Ties

    Family Ties

    In a world where no one seems safe anymore. We find that families, through the divinity that is culture and religion, are still conditioned to pass marriage down as a standard requirement. Even if this safety we hope to find in our homes seems to be compromised the most in our sacred spaces. A single-parent home is no more broken than a full family unit where abuse is the order of the day – physical or otherwise.

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  • Distant Captions

    Distant Captions

    Why am I only offered shelter at the sight of a burning house? What if I told you that I already know what a home on fire looks like? – The thoughts that linger well above the noise, of spectators, when partners start to feel the need to get out

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  • The I in FAMiLY

    The I in FAMiLY

    I appreciate in this recollection of my early days, the awkward spots we find ourselves in from time to time because of what’s expected of us – even without our knowledge. The post entails the sharing of my youthful mishaps as I try to find the I in Family

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