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  • Sober Alcoholics: I gave up

    Sober Alcoholics: I gave up

    I’ve always thought I was strong, I didn’t realize that things were just going my way. I thought I had it figured out, I didn’t realize I was tapping on already charted waters. Life… yeah It sometimes doesn’t matter how prepared you think you are … yeah You just find yourself hiding, not from anyone […]

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  • Sober Alcoholics: (I don’t know who I am)

    Sober Alcoholics: (I don’t know who I am)

    It’s been like this for a while now. I’ve forgotten the basics of what makes me to be me. It’s difficult to recognise the being I’ve turned out to be. I’ve always thought I was forever going to be on top of things. At first, I just wanted to be modern. Tradition looked like it […]

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  • Sober Alcoholics: (Putting on a Show)

    Sober Alcoholics: (Putting on a Show)

    If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best. Quick question, do we really want to be around people at our worst? Remember, this phrase is usually used by people who usually push others away. It’s different from, “you were not there when I needed you the most”. At […]

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