Tag: purpose

  • Breathe


    B BE Beneath my feet, I feel the Earth breathe BE the breeze, the air, feel the cold winds Believe, the healing powers, they are not against you R Rise Above the pain and feel the rain’ cause peace shall reign E Ease Inhale and exhale, observe the bad as it evaporates Let in, the […]

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  • Trip


    I’ve been here before. Everything I see is in ultra high definition. I had to take off my spectacles that I’ve worn for over 10 years just to make sure it’s not a trick. I could see everything clearer. I’m looking at my dart board and the darts are floating. I’m looking at my friends […]

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  • Questions

    You know when you’re asleep, you feel the light hit you and you know it’s time to wake up. Ever catch yourself staring into space for no reason and for about a minute everything is still and you feel like this is what you need to do? When was the last time you sat down […]

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