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  • Sober Alcoholics: I gave up

    Sober Alcoholics: I gave up

    I’ve always thought I was strong, I didn’t realize that things were just going my way. I thought I had it figured out, I didn’t realize I was tapping on already charted waters. Life… yeah It sometimes doesn’t matter how prepared you think you are … yeah You just find yourself hiding, not from anyone […]

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  • Take it: (stories for when we get successful)

    Take it: (stories for when we get successful)

    Life is all about difficulties. Everything in life is a problem. Some can endure the problems and difficulties, And some simply can’t take it. Too bad, life can’t be without hurdles. The best of us all, are the best because they strive to solve them. They are not problem-free, but instead of playing victim, they […]

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