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  • The “I” in team (stories for when we get successful)

    The “I” in team (stories for when we get successful)

    No man is an island, so they said. An Island can make man, I tried to reply. We choose to become part of a team, because it represents something we believe in. But every team needs a leader, and the leader must keep us believing in the team. As team players, we follow what the […]

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  • NO WINNERS: (stories for when we get successful)

    NO WINNERS: (stories for when we get successful)

    We are yet to see anyone who has never wanted to succeed. Some of us are still pursuing success, while some have given up. And of course, there are some of us who have succeeded already. However, a disturbing belief is that one has to be a winner in order to reach this milestone. Where […]

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  • Reset (by Hlumelo Nyaluza)

    Reset (by Hlumelo Nyaluza)

    Reset, Ctrl+Alt+Delete, terminate the activity (giving orders to the system within) Hlumelo: “Terminate what activity?” HN: “My bad, activities; past mistakes, ‘failure’, ‘fear’, rejection scars and…” Hlumelo: “And what else?” HN: “Nothing else.” Hlumelo: “What about betrayal, contemplation, doubt, depression, broken heart, loss…” HN: “Whoah, first of all I was betrayed enough in my teenage […]

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  • Trip


    I’ve been here before. Everything I see is in ultra high definition. I had to take off my spectacles that I’ve worn for over 10 years just to make sure it’s not a trick. I could see everything clearer. I’m looking at my dart board and the darts are floating. I’m looking at my friends […]

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  • Questions

    You know when you’re asleep, you feel the light hit you and you know it’s time to wake up. Ever catch yourself staring into space for no reason and for about a minute everything is still and you feel like this is what you need to do? When was the last time you sat down […]

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