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  • Picture Perfect: (stories for when we get successful)

    Picture Perfect: (stories for when we get successful)

    Dots are best connected looking backwards.However, knowing where you want to go helps in adjusting your behavior and aligning the best dots moving forward.Picture yourself saying, “I always knew I was going to end up here”.And as from today, you’ll act towards being able to really say those words. Nobody gave me a chance, I […]

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  • A Mantra: Do it for you

    A Mantra: Do it for you

    Learn love, learn life and all its precious sciences, and through this trying course, learn yourself – and by this I mean all the peaks and kwirks that are you.

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  • I See You

    I See You

    I see You over there! With the steady stance And your firm tone You with the strong jaw line and stern backbone, I see you And know I can’t begin to understand the depth of the seas you are made of The space you abide in – be it a warm place or tight spot […]

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  • In search…

    In search…

    Where am I? Why has so much turned into something I don’t know? Is this not what I chose? Is this not what we wanted? Sure it is – a part of the pictureTo have one piece arranged, and the others falling apart Constant signals of how change must comeOne step at a timeBut what […]

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