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  • Sober Alcoholics: I gave up

    Sober Alcoholics: I gave up

    I’ve always thought I was strong, I didn’t realize that things were just going my way. I thought I had it figured out, I didn’t realize I was tapping on already charted waters. Life… yeah It sometimes doesn’t matter how prepared you think you are … yeah You just find yourself hiding, not from anyone […]

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  • Sober Alcoholics: I’m scared of my brain

    Sober Alcoholics: I’m scared of my brain

    So far I have failed, but I haven’t failed myself. That’s because I still believe I can do better. I’m still learning from my mistakes. Anyone can judge me for my short falls, I don’t mind because they’re never in my shoes no matter how close they are to me. That mindset has kept me […]

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  • The Fall Off (stories for when we get successful)

    The Fall Off (stories for when we get successful)

    After a great run, suddenly the handbrake is up. The shake off is disturbing, and it feels like a set up. Finding yourself not in control anymore. After giving everything, you see there’s nothing you can do more. Then you see everything around you moving on without you. Wondering if your time has come and […]

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  • Sober Alcoholics: (I don’t know who I am)

    Sober Alcoholics: (I don’t know who I am)

    It’s been like this for a while now. I’ve forgotten the basics of what makes me to be me. It’s difficult to recognise the being I’ve turned out to be. I’ve always thought I was forever going to be on top of things. At first, I just wanted to be modern. Tradition looked like it […]

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  • Sober Alcoholics: (The Perfectionist)

    Sober Alcoholics: (The Perfectionist)

    No, wait, it’s not ready yet. We need to pay attention to every detail. Quality is the only standard accepted. This is not going anywhere until it’s perfect. Forgive me I’m a bit of a perfectionist. I prefer to consider every possible scenario. I hate coming out as if I’m naive. In every attempt, I […]

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  • Sober Alcoholics: (Natural doesn’t sell)

    Sober Alcoholics: (Natural doesn’t sell)

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say. My eyes are always looking at a screen. The screen always has something to say about what I’m looking at. Actually, the screen always has something to sell. The screen is a such a smooth talker, I even forget they’re just trying to get a […]

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  • Sober Alcoholics: (The Domino Effect)

    Sober Alcoholics: (The Domino Effect)

    My past is haunting me. I can pin point the decision leading to the empire tumbling. Now the pursuit to corrections is followed by a tremendous feeling of stagnation. Life cannot move until it’s rectified, but time passes by and I always feel I’m left behind. And then it’s a race against time, resulting in […]

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  • Sober Alcoholics: (Afraid of the Dark)

    Sober Alcoholics: (Afraid of the Dark)

    They say, when days are dark, friends are few. But also when it’s dark, my shadow fades too. How do I blame anyone when I can’t see anything? Maybe they’re also in the dark and they can’t see me. Truth be told, light only touches the surface. Darkness goes deeper. When there’s light, everyone sees […]

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  • Sober Alcoholics: Solace

    Sober Alcoholics: Solace

    Trying times. Turbulent tides.The storms keeps getting worse.I’ve projected myself as strong, I’m obliged to keep going.It’s a heavy burden, I can’t believe I’ve carried it for so long. I want to stop and pause for second.But being idle makes the journey longer.If nothing is done, there’s no progress in the struggle.So in order to […]

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  • Sober Alcoholics: (Gave it my all)

    Sober Alcoholics: (Gave it my all)

    With both my hands, it’s like I’m holding sand.I don’t want to let it go.If I open my hands to hold it gently, the wind blows it over.So I hold on tight, it bruises my skin and falls through my fingers. I invested a lot in this, it’s falling apart.Funny that I’m the only one […]

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