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  • Dear Goliath (stories for when we get successful)

    Dear Goliath (stories for when we get successful)

    Your towering presence over me is frightening. It’s even difficult to look you in the eye. Just the sight of you, is enough to make me think twice about my next move. And it seems you like that I’m scared of you, that’s why you like being on my face. I know I’m fragile. I’ve […]

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  • Pace vs. Stamina

    Pace vs. Stamina

    Pace vs. stamina I started running a few days ago with two co runners with pace, one thing that I don’t have, but God has blessed me with stamina. Stamina by definition: “Ability to sustain a prolonged physical and mental effort”. We started running with a small pace but as we kept running they increased […]

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  • Sober Alcoholics: Solace

    Sober Alcoholics: Solace

    Trying times. Turbulent tides.The storms keeps getting worse.I’ve projected myself as strong, I’m obliged to keep going.It’s a heavy burden, I can’t believe I’ve carried it for so long. I want to stop and pause for second.But being idle makes the journey longer.If nothing is done, there’s no progress in the struggle.So in order to […]

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  • Sober Alcoholics: (Boxed In)

    Sober Alcoholics: (Boxed In)

    Surrounded by glass walls. Opening only from the outside. I see everything. I think they’re tinted, nobody sees me. I must have magic, people come in when they want something. However, they knock first, to see if it’s safe. It must be sound proof, no one hears me in my time of need. But I […]

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  • Demotivated: (stories for when we get successful)

    Demotivated: (stories for when we get successful)

    At the beginning, I was all pumped. The world was at the palm of my hand. I saw all the results already. Even people were clapping, so I started moving. The first stages had the biggest responses. From it, I got a hit of dopamine. I wanted to get it again and again. However, there’s […]

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  • Understand the part you play

    Understand the part you play

    I’ve been reading a lot, about being caught in an emotionally strenuous state, be it relationships or tight spaces of any form that you may find yourself in. Where that state begins, the in-between, its ending and your part in the latter are important to note in order to move forward. Most of the platforms I come across stress that it is not your fault – that you are not the problem. I beg to differ though.

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  • Trip


    I’ve been here before. Everything I see is in ultra high definition. I had to take off my spectacles that I’ve worn for over 10 years just to make sure it’s not a trick. I could see everything clearer. I’m looking at my dart board and the darts are floating. I’m looking at my friends […]

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  • Perspective


    “If you really look within, you will find that we all are royalty “

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