• On Call to Human Navigation

    On Call to Human Navigation

    Read the article below for the context of the interview or click here to go listen straight to the podcast. Human beings in South Africa, know Nelson Mandela as the father of the nation, and of course he is regarded as a global icon as well. On his birthday, normal people take 67 minutes of…

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  • Sober Alcoholics: (Heroes are…)

    Sober Alcoholics: (Heroes are…)

    Capes and masks have become synonymous with the heroes we see today. Partly that is the same in real life, because we never pay attention to our own heroes. Not to put the blame on anyone, the lack of recognition is also because real heroes do not go around and praise themselves for their deeds.…

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  • Sober Alcoholics – The Podcasts: (Aliv3 Movement)

    Sober Alcoholics – The Podcasts: (Aliv3 Movement)

    The struggle, especially for the youth of today, is not necessarily that of freedom, but it is a struggle of finding an identity. Avile Njameni, the founder of Aliv3 Movement, speaks to us on the existence of the movement and explains how it tries to tackle the challenge of young people just functioning on autopilot…

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  • WHO AM I?

    WHO AM I?

    Written by: Anele Mangqalaza WHO AM I? The above question is a question that has been asked, especially during my high school years, we would be asked to write essays on this topic. My teacher used to stress the importance of knowing, where you are from, who you are and where you are going. Asking…

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  • Aliv3 meets: Geltonated

    Aliv3 meets: Geltonated

    Aliv3 Movement meets: Sihle Bonani (Geltonated) The blooming of Generation Y has come to the dilemma of many unanswered questions when it comes to career choices and navigating the way to what is your believed purpose or intended way of life. As Aliv3 meets Sihle, this issue of (perceived) misplacement is reflected upon while attempting…

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  • Aliv3 Talks: Session 1

    Aliv3 Talks: Session 1

    The GeltonNation presents Aliv3 Talks with AV Njameni, (the founder of the Aliv3 Movement) Also known as “Just a guy”, he allows us to follow his journey to greatness.Just as every journey has a start, he gives us a road map on the goals he sets for himself.As followers of dreamers and role models, it…

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  • Reset (by Hlumelo Nyaluza)

    Reset (by Hlumelo Nyaluza)

    Reset, Ctrl+Alt+Delete, terminate the activity (giving orders to the system within) Hlumelo: “Terminate what activity?” HN: “My bad, activities; past mistakes, ‘failure’, ‘fear’, rejection scars and…” Hlumelo: “And what else?” HN: “Nothing else.” Hlumelo: “What about betrayal, contemplation, doubt, depression, broken heart, loss…” HN: “Whoah, first of all I was betrayed enough in my teenage…

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  • Why We Dream: (stories for when we get successful )

    Why We Dream: (stories for when we get successful )

    Some of us never had it all. Sometimes we felt our lives were not even worth living. We woke up with no plan and went to bed without knowing if we’ll get a plate again. What kept us going was an idea of a dream which may be realized someday. Some people when they saw…

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  • The diary of a 17 year  old Hlumelo Nyaluza

    The diary of a 17 year old Hlumelo Nyaluza

    Hope you know Hlumelo Nyaluza by now. The well decorated independent author gives us an insight on the mind of his 17 year old self, when he wrote an article which was insipired by Peugeot.  Fast forward to now, he’s living testimony of dreams. Check out his article below: As a kid I just wanted…

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  • Still I climb, still I rise by Hlumelo Nyaluza

    Still I climb, still I rise by Hlumelo Nyaluza

    Hlumelo Nyaluza is the author of the world’s most uniquely structured book called Navigate Humans: Be Against Normality. The book, which he wrote in 19 days to write, shows the “Navigators” ways to move from nothing to everything. He believes that with this project, he can be able to help people reach their dreams. He…

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