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  • On the brink…

    On the brink…

    I remember waiting for you, Sure that you’d be my saving grace A soul as beautiful as you, How could you not? * Strong as our faith in each other was, Such forces of nature Tell me, what storm could stand against, between, even with no man for us? * Timeless beauty, Independence, Such a […]

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  • Someday is not a day of the week

    Someday is not a day of the week

    “Someday is not a day of the week” – Denise Brennan-Nelson

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  • This is me, World

    This is me, World

    I didn’t know how I was feeling ’til I put pen to paper And let my heart speak, I let my heart breathe, Finally I let my heart bleed Until the day I learn again that it is made to beat So used to being corrected I thought I could dictate to it too Don’t […]

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  • Be the friend you want to see in the world

    Be the friend you want to see in the world

    There are many things that we are taught to be as we grow, and in the midst of taking on numerous roles for everyone else, we neglect being there for ourselves. Showing great love to one another and self-love do not have to be two exclusive acts. If anything, these can give and take from each other if we let them “You can’t pour from an empty cup”

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  • Take Courage

    Take Courage

    The very sentiments that can overwhelm a heart with joy and gratitude in moments of love are the same ones which can cause great heartache and regret during moments of fear and failure, especially if you let them go unnoticed.   Check yourself – Be careful not to resent a moment of bravery when the outcome […]

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  • In search…

    In search…

    Where am I? Why has so much turned into something I don’t know? Is this not what I chose? Is this not what we wanted? Sure it is – a part of the pictureTo have one piece arranged, and the others falling apart Constant signals of how change must comeOne step at a timeBut what […]

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  • The large canvas that is Dignity

    The large canvas that is Dignity

    She’s awfully cranky lately – Probably not getting any What a prude – probably inexperienced Yoh, hond, word on the street is she sure gets around – los Eh, I’ve seen umjita in action, sure gets around – boss She called me over for movies – dawg, you know what that means?? He didn’t even […]

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  • Before dawn

    What is it… That gives me the right of opinion over everyone’s life, but my own? What makes the winds and tides – that I am made of; the ones that are meant to carry me – feel like they are drowning me each day? What makes me scream “Why me?” in the face of […]

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  • self-care: Boundaries

    And at the end of the day, When you have decided to cut ties with all that seems to continuously demoralise you and hurt you, the only demon left to conquer will be yourself.   I’ve come to notice that when it has been a terribly difficult time for me to encounter fellow beings, my […]

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  • self-care


    And once you have come to share a lot – The pain, the blame, the denial and the failure. With those, one can only hope compassion and sensitivity have grown alike. Once we have seen each other trade roles more than we would care to count, but have also seen all crawl back to their […]

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