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  • A Mantra: Do it for you

    A Mantra: Do it for you

    Learn love, learn life and all its precious sciences, and through this trying course, learn yourself – and by this I mean all the peaks and kwirks that are you.

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  • I’m having trouble separating the fairy dust from the dirt

    I’m having trouble separating the fairy dust from the dirt

    I’m having trouble separating the fairy dust from the dirt The storm from the rain The rain from the flowers I’m having a hard time trying to forgive and get along Why can’t we all just get along? Sure we can, just with the buffer of a pole at least ten feet long I’m having […]

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  • Forgive


    A message which presents forgiveness as a gift of renewal to the forgiven and the forgiver.

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  • Family Ties

    Family Ties

    In a world where no one seems safe anymore. We find that families, through the divinity that is culture and religion, are still conditioned to pass marriage down as a standard requirement. Even if this safety we hope to find in our homes seems to be compromised the most in our sacred spaces. A single-parent home is no more broken than a full family unit where abuse is the order of the day – physical or otherwise.

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  • Distant Captions

    Distant Captions

    Why am I only offered shelter at the sight of a burning house? What if I told you that I already know what a home on fire looks like? – The thoughts that linger well above the noise, of spectators, when partners start to feel the need to get out

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  • The I in FAMiLY

    The I in FAMiLY

    I appreciate in this recollection of my early days, the awkward spots we find ourselves in from time to time because of what’s expected of us – even without our knowledge. The post entails the sharing of my youthful mishaps as I try to find the I in Family

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  • Understand the part you play

    Understand the part you play

    I’ve been reading a lot, about being caught in an emotionally strenuous state, be it relationships or tight spaces of any form that you may find yourself in. Where that state begins, the in-between, its ending and your part in the latter are important to note in order to move forward. Most of the platforms I come across stress that it is not your fault – that you are not the problem. I beg to differ though.

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  • I See You

    I See You

    I see You over there! With the steady stance And your firm tone You with the strong jaw line and stern backbone, I see you And know I can’t begin to understand the depth of the seas you are made of The space you abide in – be it a warm place or tight spot […]

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  • Keep Your Eyes to Mr Blue Sky, Always remember to smile.

    Always remember to smile, she would say. As I’d sing my last breath away, always remember to smile, my choir conductor would chant. Mercy, have we not given enough?, I’d wonder, as a Grade 3 kid, learning to sing in a manner that felt way too organised with the opera singer in each of us […]

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