Rocky starts: (stories for when we get successful)

I like feeling safe.
For that matter, I hate not knowing the next step.
But, in life, there’s always uncertainty.
So, I then to tend to hate a lot about life.

That, on its own, requires a lot of energy.
I guess it is why I tend to find myself always exhausted.
I feel burned out, even when I’ve just woken up from a long nap.
I lately don’t need heavy work to find an excuse to postpone.

A challenge? I take it literally… as challenging.
I don’t want to be challenged, the status quo is fine as is.
But the world evolves naturally, so I resent developments.
For they mean I have to learn something new again.

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However, I’m great at passing down what I know.
And once I figure out the pattern, I thrive.
Sometimes I wish someone else could start for me.
And when I see how is done, I can take over.

I like it, now that I am grown.
I’m pushing myself to always start.
For I know that once I start, it’s either I fail or I excel.
And either way, I get to be a better man than I was yesterday.

I’ve been postponing a lot of writing lately
But I’m glad this is a start.
We can always grow together.
But initiative is always an individual’s job.


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