My first book: (stories for when we get successful)

A self-development type of book,
From a nobody,
It makes perfect sense. Players, practice and execute.
They don’t really how they did it until they have to look back.
Coaches has the advantage of perspective and experience.
That’s why they have the ability to improve even the best players. It’s easy to listen to a coach or a player because they have a track record.
And the fact that we’re their fans clouds our critical analysis of what we hear.
So that usually means we only have ourselves to blame because they said it’s possible.
No excuses, just go and execute. Don’t think, do and see what happens.

However, for a nobody, it’s a different story.
That’s just someone who is a wannabe.
So, whatever they say, we can challenge it.
And if we’re being honest, we can come up with better ideas than them. The upside… The wannabe usually studies the field they want to enter.
And being on the outside diminishes the chances of being biased.
They can see what worked and didn’t work from studying their role models.
Lucky are those who get to see the consolidated notes of what has already worked. As an expert, you can see the shortcomings of the wannabe.
And you can build from there, to make things even better.
Dismissing it can be a loss on your side, because naivety from others can sometimes expose our ignorance.
And listening can help in enlightening our peripheral vision. I felt like a wannabe when I wrote my first book.
There’s nothing interesting expected to come from me.
I am not worthy to be considered among the wordsmiths of the world.
But, as soon it was published, I gained a new title. I am an Author.
A book for all the unsure, self-doubting and scared of showing potential…WE ARE THE GELTONNATION

Check out a copy of the book below:

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