Sober Alcoholics: (Grateful)

Sometimes, life, comes at you fast.
Such that, one may lose perspective.
The road to deviation is easy and quick.
The road back takes much longer to find.

The challenge comes when everything tumbles.
The darkness of it is blinding and you can’t see what matters anymore.
The blame game gets so high that it alienates even the day ones who stuck around.
And before you know it, you don’t have no choice but to scratch your own back.

That’s lonely…
A hole so difficult to dig yourself out of.
At least until you realise that you now only have yourself to blame.
Once it gets there, the first and difficult step back is taken already.

Or you can bypass all that from the first sign.
By keeping track of what’s been good in the midst of all the chaos.
Something to keep a smile even at times of the heaviest bleeding heartaches.
There, you can then always see who is by your side and that you’re never alone.

Gratitude can keep us sane.
Remove the clouds when we make judgement.
We can see the instances we’ve been privileged.
And be compassionate when we see others going through what we went through.




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