Sober Alcoholics: (The Weird Connection)

I sometimes wonder why my tribe sticks around.
I’m sure I don’t have a great smile, hell, I’m not even funny.
Definitely not the sound of my voice, even I can’t stand listening to myself.
But, whenever I’m on my own, I still feel their presence around me.

I’m not the one to pick up a phone every now and then.
I’m also closed up, so I’m not the kind to put my business out there just like that.
I run solo most of the time, my introversion even scares me sometimes.
As much as that scares me, I look around and still find a handful who fully get me.

Sometimes I feel all this spoils me.
For I don’t go around looking for validation everywhere.
I understand my crazy, but I also understand that everyone’s crazy too.
And maybe the real reason we connect is that we have the same mental disconnect.

Maybe we don’t talk much, and that means we’re still fine.
And when something is wrong, we feel that it’s time to talk.
We can see through the facade because we understand the frequency we operate under.
Maybe, that’s why we stay. Safety is a feeling, it doesn’t have to always be articulated.


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