Take it: (stories for when we get successful)

Life is all about difficulties.
Everything in life is a problem.
Some can endure the problems and difficulties,
And some simply can’t take it.

Too bad, life can’t be without hurdles.
The best of us all, are the best because they strive to solve them.
They are not problem-free, but instead of playing victim, they find solutions.
We could be like them too if we could stop sitting and crying but take action.

Problems never stop, but we can choose which ones are worth having.
Solving a problem that makes sense to us, has a name called passion.
And those we find ourselves in but we don’t want them are called frustrations.
You choose, will it be frustration or passion?

We often hear people say, “my problems would be over if I’d get an X amount of money”.
They’re wrong.
If they solve the problem they have, another will arise after that.
Does that mean they’ll want more money for that too?

We are all trying to make our lives easier. That on its own is reason enough to show us life is difficult. Those we call successful and think their lives are easy only found a way to choose a problem they can solve. They got good at solving it and helped others solve that problem too. Everything comes at a price, and those who need help with the problem will pay that price. If you keep paying the price to the problem solver, you’re enriching them. They’ll be successful.

Being hungry, lonely, bored, etc, is a problem. Producing food can fill stomachs. Talent can help relate to people and it can also entertain them. These are solutions and we all have something which can help solve peoples’ problems. Unlike others who figured it out early, we still have time to find it. We have to keep looking. Because once we have a problem worth having, we can have the will to figure out the solution. Maybe some problems are meant for us so that we can figure out our passion. Once we work for something we’re passionate about, we can see that life is worth living.

You can’t be scared that some things are meant for some people. Some problems are yours, and therefore the solutions are yours too.

And if it’s yours, it’s yours. Take it.

Take it – Geltonated

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