Dear Goliath (stories for when we get successful)

Your towering presence over me is frightening. It’s even difficult to look you in the eye. Just the sight of you, is enough to make me think twice about my next move. And it seems you like that I’m scared of you, that’s why you like being on my face.

I know I’m fragile. I’ve grown to understand my vulnerability. I’ve always thought it makes me less of a man. I didn’t realise that it is the source of my strength.

I know what it means to lose, it doesn’t bother me anymore. I can have it all today, and lose it all tomorrow. Which is why I’m no longer scared, I’ve managed to grow a thick skin.

As for you, you’re used to winning, and I’ve got nothing to lose. Any shot you take on me will be something routine. Crashing the little guy’s dream is your daily bread. However, a dent I can make on your image will be catastrophic, because no-one believes I can lay a single blow to you.

So watch me coming. My knees will be trembling, but I’m coming and I won’t fall. You decided to take me on, but what you actually did was give me a platform. Now I can flex my muscles when everyone can see.

If I lose, I’ll still have my dignity. But if you lose, I’ll take away your pride. You’re the big guy at the end of the day. You can choose to squash me, or you can be the guy who helped the little guy get his break. It can be your win-win situation or it can be your downfall even if you win.

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