The circle (Happy New Year)

As we start the year, we have years resolutions
Where  some of us want to lose weight,
And others want to start their own businesses and other things we have planned for the year.
But the same approach that we use every year usually hinders us to not achieve our goals we had set at the beginning of the year

The circle we associate with sometimes, is a wrong one but we are not aware of that because its the people we love and respect in our lives. And they have done great things for us and we think they can help us to achieve certain things in life.

Look at a match, where there are fans.
When fans enter the playing ground, they have different mentalities.
Some of the fans, go the match with the intention to support the game regardless of the results. Whether their team losses 4-0 , they will always support the team. Whether their team wins, they will always support their team.

And then there’s different kind of supporters, where they make everything a joke.
Where they mock players like “look at that goalkeeper, he’s a cow, he should be losing weight”…
Around them, there are always people laughing, making fun about a certain player or about a certain event happening inside the playing ground.

You’ll also find a different set of supporters, who are too technical even though they’ve never been coaches.
You’d find them saying, “this should’ve been a 4-4-2 system, a 3-5-2, they should’ve played this player and not that one, a super sub should’ve been such a player not that”
But if you’d give them an opportunity to coach the team, they can’t do that because they always want to point fingers to the leaders and players at the time.

We also associate ourselves with such kinds of people, where when we make mistakes, they’ll make fun of us and the problems we encounter. They’ll talk and make fun about us behind our backs.

You’ll also find in our circle, those who are too technical but when given a chance to contribute in our lives, they produce nothing.
You’ll find them saying “if one had done such and such they’d have passed their matric studies. If one had submitted their CVs, they’d be employed by now”
But they never do anything to help your life turn around but they always have something to say.

And then there’s a set of people in our lives, those who support a person regardless of the good and the bad they’d done. But they’ll keep on supporting and motivate you by saying ” you may fail today, but stand up and move forward. Whether things are not going to plan, there’s still tomorrow ”

So if we can treat our lives as with fans in a playing field with different mentalities and different attitudes, maybe we can approach this year the right way.
Maybe we can be able to choose the people who can help achieve certain things. Because not everyone on our lives is helping us get to where we want to go. Not everyone whether they love us, can help us up when we’re down and put us somewhere.
Not everyone in our lives, when the level of hope is at zero, can help put it somewhere.
Not everyone when you’re deep down in the mud, can help clean you up without questioning why didn’t you use a certain approach. 
What we have to do, approaching 2022, is finding people to help us achieve certain dreams.
You can have the right equipment, but without the right people, you’re going nowhere.

Life’s a game by Ncanez

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