Sober Alcoholics: Believing Again

I’ve always thought I could take knock downs.
I believed it so much until I was knocked down.
I’ve seen myself stumble before, this was thee hurdle.
My own words didn’t work, I no longer lived in a bubble.

Of course I got scared, I knew what was coming.
If I fail to get up, next thing my faith is dying.
Once I no longer believe, there’s no use in living.
My only prayer was for my head to keep thinking.

Photo by Suhairy Tri Yadhi on

Losing my thoughts, is similar to suicide.
I can’t move forward if my head is not on my side.
The exterior is always presentable, the real war is vigorous on the inside.
I’ve always preached mental strength, for my health I also needed to call the bomb squad.

I had to tame the tiger, remembering that sometimes we fall.
Sometimes the fall happens especially when we’ve given our all.
I can choose to stay down, but the real intention of the fall,
is actually to take a step back to prepare for even stronger steps forward.

So I take a deep breath, position my knees to get up well.
Scared of falling again, I’m shaking as hell.
But then I remember, I will fall again soon.
But also, I will get up again. That’s the best part.


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