The Fall Off (stories for when we get successful)

After a great run, suddenly the handbrake is up. The shake off is disturbing, and it feels like a set up. Finding yourself not in control anymore. After giving everything, you see there’s nothing you can do more.

Then you see everything around you moving on without you. Wondering if your time has come and gone already. Now all you pray for is for your mental to be steady. Because you know once you lose your thoughts, the outcome can be devastating.

So the fight is to believe again. The test is in finding your feet again. Pushing for a dent in the wall at least. Then we can expand the damage for another breakthrough.

In the process, you learn the story has stops and starts all over. It’s a fairytale not a story if it’s always rosey all day. Take a punch, fall and get up again. But sometimes the fall is hard so much that it feels there’s no coming back at all.

If we don’t get up though, we’re showing our younger selves that it’s okay to fail. Forgetting that improvement and strength always come from pain. It’s always hard, but just one more step can take us to that top of the mountain. So let’s rather pray not for pity but a lil bit of faith again.

We’ll survive this and the next storm


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