Post it Tomorrow; (stories for when we get successful)

I understand the urge, I’ve been there.
The need to put it out there now.
Emotions running high, not much time to process everything.
Be it the emotion is excitement or anger, you just want to be the first to hit the button.

But, once it out there, it’s out there forever, no turning back.
Once the emotion subsides, you’ll have to live with the consequences. Good or bad.
If they’re good, good for you. If they’re bad, the best that can happen is that you get canceled.
The worst could be no one wants to be associated with you.

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A few years down the line, the world will forget the context but will focus on what was said.
You might not have much power to defend yourself, but you might have the luxury to watch them having an opinion.
And it’ll all be for something from just the heat of the moment.
And the funny part might be that if it was said by someone else, you’d be judging them too.

These are things I’d say if I could get a chance to speak to my younger self.
Every time you feel the urge, wait until you calm down. See how you feel about it then.
Get some perspective first; you can only own this before you press send.
If you feel it’s still something you stand for, by all means…

At least post it tomorrow.

I hope my younger self got this before any major mistakes.
Or otherwise, I’m at this moment paying for my earlier sins.
It’s now that I’m learning the urge is fed instantly.
However, payday is delayed and can last forever.

This is a scheduled post, I guess I’m learning from myself.


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