Rewire the brain (stories for when we get successful)

Is it possible to rewire your brain?

Take it from me, it IS possible.
Allow me to take you back to 2011.
2011, I was doing grade ten at Holy Cross High School, a brilliant school in the Eastern Cape, Mthatha.

At the time I was not learned in neuroscience but I had trained my mind to be lazy subconsciously.
I wasn’t very good at mathematics believe it or not but I always managed to score high marks, I don’t know how that happened but it did.
Every time during math class when I got a challenging equation I would just tell myself that “I don’t know the answer” and leave it at that.

Weeks, months went by of me telling myself the same thing everytime I got a challenging equation. As time went by I saw that I couldn’t even calculate the simplest of equations or try think the simplest of solutions because I had trained my brain to be lazy.

This rang alarm bells for me because my brain just refused to think. When I realized this, I took it upon myself to re-teach myself how to think.
Everytime my default setting wanted to pick “give up”, I intentionally forged ahead to make means to try and look for solutions to a problem.

Now years later, after I have studied neuroscience and read books like “the habit loop”- I understand what was happening all those years back and what I did to successfully rewire my brain to think.

Rewiring your brain needs a level of self awareness.
You first need to be aware of your habits/what needs to be changed, the changes you would like to make and your new course of action.
Every time your brain wants to switch to the default setting, you need to be alert in that instance and pick the other option, not the default.
Overtime your new option will become the new default, and that is how you can rewire your brain.

by Anele M


You can find the habit loop here:

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