Fulfilled and happy at age 44

I kicked the door and shook the floor

I left the table, settled scores, 

Left many scorned

Grown and wise I mow the lawn

I played the game then passed it forward


Cut the strings, I wrote a poem

Put on a smile and played some chords

Learnt some notes

Took some notes

Suffering is not the norm

For the kids! We do it for

We ran the race for you to carry on

It never stops/ we pushing forward


Gotta stand up to stand out

Been here before

Bending rules, the game is skewed

Got strength in numbers, together strong

Broke the barriers, misbehaved, burnt the baggage

Couldn’t take no more


Finally it dawned, there wasn’t no box

Pair of glasses I had to put on 

Perspective on piece, on paper I wrote

Fulfilled and happy at age 44

Hope everyone that sees this has a good day.

Aliv3 and growing.

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