What happened to the love

What happened to the love of :
(Dumi no Litha)beauty beyond the orange uniform
(Terror no Ndoni) broken something
(Khule no Khethelo) beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.
(Thor and Nomhle) The lone walker
(Heath and Naledi) my mamiwota
(Jase and Kedi) Kedi the chosen one
(The love of our parents) home
(The love God has for us ) Earth
The love which protects, which natures, which teaches. The love which is selfless, gives tirelessly, knows no limit of kindness. The love which has no counts of wrong doings but forgives all the time. The love that sees no wrong
Where is that love? When all I see now is the blood of women, children and men. Where is that love when for every mistake there’s a knife stuck on a men’s body, an axe which has chopped a child to pieces and bullet wounds on a woman’s body.
Where’s that love when every woman and child is fearing for their life and all men are labeled killers, where’s that love when anger is the ruler of humans and the soil is busy accepting blood of the innocent. Where’s that love when forgiveness is no where to be found but revenge is the fashion of the day. What happened to the last commandment? What happened to the love that God said we shall be seen by it that we are His. Where is the love that built this world. Where did so much hate come from? Can we ever go back to the love of the past or is this who we are? Are we killers now?Are we rapists now? Fellow men what do you feel when raping a 2 month old baby? how do you feel when you busy stabbing her and she’s begging for her life? Are her tears not doing anything to your conscience?
Are her cries like a beautiful sweet melody to your ears? What goes through your mind dear woman when you cook that meal and pour poison in it? Does it not cross your mind that the soul you are taking away has a family to feed? Has anger become such a beautiful emotion that it has clouded our ability to think straight? Are our conscious so dead that killing has become just another hobby to us? Why is it so easy to kill? Are we really that monstrous? Hai angilwi bazalwani I was just asking. I was just asking ukuthi where does one run to when the place they call home is the one not giving them peace, I was asking ukuthi who do you report to when the person who is supposed to be protecting you is the one harming you. Bengibuza nje ukuthi is it wrong to be a woman? Is it a crime to be young and defenseless? You said you were raping because we wear short stuff, but how short is too short? Are you telling me that, logogo wase next door who wears dresses that reaches her ankles is wearing a short dress?
How do you feel when you are on top of that old woman who is old enough to be your grandmother? How do you feel when you see her teary eyes? Why do you have so much hate within you? Is this a sign of humanity hating itself? Are we really just gonna sit and let all that’s happening play out on its own or are we going fight for the love we once shared?
T. I Nthebe

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