Sober Alcoholics: (Putting on a Show)

If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best.
Quick question, do we really want to be around people at our worst?
Remember, this phrase is usually used by people who usually push others away.
It’s different from, “you were not there when I needed you the most”.

At our worst, we often look for something to blame.
We can blame anything, as long as it’s not us.
That is when we find fault in anyone we encounter at that moment.
They have to take the fall, and unfortunately, we don’t even feel better after that.

At our worst, we disregard how the other person receives our treatment.
It is all about us, and everyone else has to go on with the show.
We know it all, and everybody just has to be on board.
If they try to intervene, then they are no longer following the rules. Please go

Maybe, at our worst, we need to be alone.
Where there’s no audience to watch our horror show.
Maybe that’s when we can see we’re also part of the problem.
Maybe we can calm down, and learn to take responsibility for what we allow to happen.

If we look at it, no one really gets through to us when we’re still boiling.
It is when they say; “Okay I give up, do whatever”, that we start gathering our thoughts again.
When we see them trying, they’re just fueling the fire and fury.
Instead of calming down, we’re coming out as a bully.

So before we judge others for handling our worst behavior,
How about we work on also considering that others get hurt too?
If we’re hurt them, who is going to be there when the rest of the world leaves us, and when we’re screwed?
No matter how much of bad hand we’ve been dealt with, we need each other. Let us not make it as if we’re the only ones needed.


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