Night Time

Night time is the best time to reflect how your day was and also to plan your next day ahead. It is where great ideas are born through dreams, where wounds are healed but most of it all it’s where a firm relationship with self is built.

I remember when the president of the country announced the national lockdown, some people were forced to be in a lockdown with their own selves, that meant facing things that were avoided by school, careers, drugs and other things, because we didn’t have a firm or a good relationship with self, many people didn’t come out of it, not because they were weak but they couldn’t identify their own subconscious mind when external forces were cut off. Others couldn’t withstand their own thoughts in the mist of darkness and they ended up committing suicide, others were admitted in mental institutions.

Some students prefer to study at night because there’s peace, quiet, fewer distractions, the mind can easily recall things the next morning, a clearer mind for creative thinking.

They say I quote “when days are dark friends are few”. Allow them to leave so that you can work on yourself. Allow them to leave so that you can find yourself, maybe you will realise that they never left you from the start but you never allowed a phase of working on yourself to take place.

I had a conversation with a friend of mine about stock taking, I asked him after I noticed that every time when they are doing stock taking, he comes back home late at night or in the early hours. I ask why is it so, he answered “stock taking is generally done once a month towards the end of it, the purpose of it is to provide accurate accounting data and discrepancy between the stock in the Warehouse and the stock reflected in the accounting records”. He added “you can’t do that while customers are running around the shop”. In our lives we need those dark days where there’s no influence of the outside world, where it’s you and yourself doing your own stock taking of your life so that you can be a better person when morning comes

Sometimes we curse God or get annoyed at Him and ask all kinds of questions, why me, why my family, why this and that instead of trying in our this time of darkness to find ourselves, have a better understanding of what’s our real purpose in life. In the mist of your problems don’t curse anyone but try to think deep, analyse, find possible solutions, select the best solution that will work for you so when daytime comes you can implement a well thought solution.

By A. Mnguni

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