Sober Alcoholics: (Natural doesn’t sell)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say.
My eyes are always looking at a screen.
The screen always has something to say about what I’m looking at.
Actually, the screen always has something to sell.

The screen is a such a smooth talker,
I even forget they’re just trying to get a transaction from me.
I sometimes become an advocate for some of their products.
That’s how much of a believer I’ve had to become.

That’s until I look in the mirror.
I don’t look like anything I see on my favorite screen.
I look around, I find that I don’t any enhancements or accessories.
Now I’m scared to go outside because I’m not at all interesting.

Now I’m not sure if I hate myself, or I hate that I didn’t make the purchase.
That’s because I still like who I am, but I feel better with touch ups before I take pics.
Something taken with me being of guard doesn’t align with what I’ve grown to believe.
If I don’t look anything close to my screen, no one will even bother taking notice.

However, I noticed, If appreciate how I am, there’s no need to buy what they sell.
They’ve been so good at selling, they’ve had a lot of us to look what we don’t have.
And once you buy, they come up with something better and what you got is all of a sudden useless.
So the pursuit for something new keeps us looking for something else everyday.

Selling has always been about perception.
So I can persuade anyone to see me for who I am.
If I don’t do so I can never be satisfied, because the seller always has an upgrade.
I may be ugly today, but tomorrow I’ll be where the money is.

I wish we could all value in what we have, or we’ll find ourselves buying it back again when it’s on trend.
At the end of the day, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


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