Keep Going (stories for when we get successful)

Life can be likened to gym.
At first, you imagine yourself in shape.
And you study all the ingredients needed to get there.
And then it is time to start, that’s where the actual work begins.

The first session gets you feeling fit already.
Even the mirror agrees on the gains.
However, a few days after, the motivation is gone.
You get tired, and you don’t see any results coming.

When you look around, it seems everyone else is enjoying the gains.
You get frustrated and start to miss some days in the gym.
Forgetting that, the effort you put in equals the results you take out.
And you become surprised when those you started with are ahead.

Before you think of giving up at this point, ask them how they did it?
You’ll hear it wasn’t achieved over night.
And most likely it was achieved when you were not watching.
When the pain got intense, it was taken as a sign to keep pushing.

Rest was taken when work is done, not when it was overwhelming.
The focus was to finish objectives of today first, and tomorrow focus on the other objectives.
It was never to achieve the whole bigger picture on the same day.
But when all the little objectives were put together, everything muscle started to take shape.

That is why someone you regarded as your junior earlier on can now give you tips to carry on.
And if you learn to listen, you can get to where you want and pass the knowledge on.
The satisfaction comes when you keep going and help put others on.
The start is difficult but the results lie on your ability to hang on.

Now stop thinking about gym, use the same thing for your life as well.
I’m certain we can get the results if we do it together.
This is for us and us is me and you 


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