Pace vs. Stamina

Pace vs. stamina

I started running a few days ago with two co runners with pace, one thing that I don’t have, but God has blessed me with stamina. Stamina by definition: “Ability to sustain a prolonged physical and mental effort”.

We started running with a small pace but as we kept running they increased pace. Slowly I was left behind and before I knew it they were fading away. I tried to keep up with them but the more I pushed the more the distance between us was opening wider. What should I do? Wait for them here or keep quiet and go back home? What should I do? No you can’t, I said to myself “they might have pace but you have stamina” as I said those words I kept running.

Now the aim was not to keep up with them but to finish what I have started. My mental eyes could now even see the finish line. My body was responding to my mental state, yes the pain was there but the battle was fought upstairs and my body was responding very well.

Moral of the story, sometimes we start the race of life with friends or peers hoping that we’ll reach the finish line at the same time but little do we know that others are faster than others and we try to rush things because we see them driving fancy cars, getting married, living nice lives and career wise they are doing very well.

We start to feel the pressure because we started or finished school together but you are still standing in the same position. Let me say this, it’s not about how fast you are but it’s about how your mental and physical being can sustain you.

A. Mnguni

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