Sober Alcoholics: Solace

Trying times. Turbulent tides.
The storms keeps getting worse.
I’ve projected myself as strong, I’m obliged to keep going.
It’s a heavy burden, I can’t believe I’ve carried it for so long.

I want to stop and pause for second.
But being idle makes the journey longer.
If nothing is done, there’s no progress in the struggle.
So in order to keep the hope, infinitesimal efforts must be kept moving.

I may not see positive results now, not tomorrow as well.
And that’s not a great sight for those watching as your “friends”
But as long as there’s still fight in me, I’ll keep feeding a lot from the support.
If not for me, then for the little guy who might face the same trials.

If I can take some, then he can be stronger to take more.
If I krawl now, he can be able to walk tall.
Yes, giving up is an option.
But solace comes well when you’ve tried.

I may think I’m alone, but I know we’re a tribe.
It’s the struggles that keep us together, and knowing you’re there makes us feel better when we cry.
We don’t know how long it’ll take, but I hope we’ll find ways to enjoy the ride.
Just knowing there’s company, is hope to find solace.


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