Sober Alcoholics: (The Hangover Lasts Longer)

It’s been a party for days.
Didn’t want it to end.
You’d be jealous if you didn’t attend.
It, by a stretch, be the greatest time I had.

Now, it’s difficult to wake up.
Also it’s hard to go back to sleep.
The headache doesn’t want to give me a break.
I feel hungry but don’t want anything to eat

My partymates are nowhere to be found
The sunlight is cracking my skull.
This feeling makes question my life’s decisions.
It’s not even midday but I feel I’ve been awake for 24 hours.

I had company, I’m alone now.
Time went fast, it’s moving slow now.
I wanted the volume up, its quiet but everything makes noise now.
Partied for days. It’s been only a day but I’m deciding I’ll never party again.

I’ve just realized sometimes life’s a party
Sometimes life’s a hangover.
The severity of the hangover usually depends on the decisions during the party.


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