I’m No King – The emphasis

The Crown? My Head? Not a match
Forgive me, the heaviness of it scares me.
I’ve seen those who wear it always fighting to keep it.
I like the lighter side of life, and not owning all the decisions.

I’ve never been a gatekeeper.
Royal bloods have always blocked the commoners from having a piece of the pie.
Royalty has always been meant for another royalty.
It had to take a royal rebel in order to go get anything from outside.

And a rebel, became an outsider.
Until the outsiders made the outsiter an outside royalty.
Then royalty welcomed back their outsider.
All of a sudden, a commoner is expected to abide and understand royalty protocol.

I don’t want to make rules.
Rules chain people to stay rigid.
And Kings punish those who bend the rules.
And I always find holes in what is thought of as normal.

I’m no King, I can never be King.
Kings look out for their reputation.
I strive to look out for the little guy.
But if you insist I’m King, maybe I’m just a servant who got to be trusted by the King.

However, there are better Kings.
And that King is you, my King.


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