Sober Alcoholics: (Cracks)

I see cracks, I’m falling through
As I hold on, there’s mucus, it’s slippery
Nothing seems to work, even my trickery
I might have just met my match, I’m dying secretly.

Looking at the stars, sinking ocean deep
Mind is wide awake, I’ve been tryna sleep.
I keep going out, there’s no escape.
I think I was building, but it’s loosing shape.

So I close my eyes, and let it sink in.
Adjusting my body to be ready for a free fall.
Maybe I need to accept things which I cannot stop.
I’ll see how long it takes to hit rock bottom.

However, when I get there, I’m eyeing the possibility of starting again.
Looking for the trill of not having anything to loose.
I take this as a cleansing, maybe my glory lies with loosing this present self.
After all, I might just be scared, whereas I’m on a way to full potential.

So I’ll allow the process, no matter how scary.
At the end of the day, every triumph has a story.
So who am I to stand in the way of great pride?
This will come and go, all I need is to be able to inspire everyone from my pride.

We can’t be scared for long, we also need to overcome.


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