Caught In The Middle

Do I want to survive or live? This question came to me as I was watching the state of current affairs in the country. Social media has been buzzing with opinions from all over the place. We get one person and article telling us this on one side and we get another view on the other side. With all the reporting flooding our screens it seems the real stories don’t get published until it is trendy or would sell the best, I have observed.

There have been a couple of things that have happened during this period and although I don’t have my ear in every conversation being had I can confidently say something is missing. We lack the objectivity to see things for what they are and breaking down problems to their simplest form. Stripping all the layers and forgetting all the minor triggers to get to the fundamentals is a vital skill. I’m not a journalist or a reporter but while I have a voice I would like us all to break down the information we get and investigate our stance on it. Get to the bottom of the issue and investigate a possible solution you can get to and act on in your way in your world.

I wrote this while thinking about what’s really important for us all. Surviving or living? A simple question, you would think, but with how things are, the two get blurred. Is surviving being sheltered from the harsh realities of the world or is it not ceasing to exist? Is living merely breathing and existing or is it freedom to be out and making your own decisions?

Do I want to survive or live?

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